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Every successful company has a story to tell, Here is ours.

    E-Z Dock Company opened in 1968 When Gerald Roberts started pattern making. Around 1976 at that time His son Ernie began doing more manufacturing work until 1980, when his brother in law bought property on lake Charlevoix and needed a dock. That's where E-Z dock Co  started, E-Z Dock began making roll out docks and continues to be Michigans number one leader in docks.

    Gayle, Ernie's Wife has been helping him since 1983. They have 3 kids Jeremy, Sarah and Laura. Jeremy started working at the company in 1996.

    Here at E-Z Dock we stand proud of our Workmanship, Quality Material, manufacturing, Design, Problem Solving and our Quality Service and Satisfaction. The first dock that was made is still in the lake today. Copied by many, Matched by none.

E-Z Dock Company Continues to be a family owned company.

Roberts E-Z Dock

2952 South Advance RD

East Jordan, MI 49727

Owner, Ernie Roberts




Waterfront Professionals